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Nov 13, 2010

Body Butter

One day, a coach come the clubhouse’ counter and said “the body butter is quite good, try to use it”. Of course, his speaking is powerful because he is a swimming coach. Undoubtedly, he always stays in the swimming pool so that having body lotion to moisturize his dry skin is very important to him especially in the winter and autumn. Each body butter box contains 200ml. The original price is about $149-199/per box. In promotion period now it just sells $199 for 3 boxes. After hearing this new promotion from my colleague as well, I went to the shop and brought 3boxes.

Olive Body Butter
This one is suitable for men. It is the most natural and the lightest cream.

Moringa Body Butter
I choose this one because it does not is a light cream, but also is fragrant.

Satsuma Body Butter
This type of butter is fruits, it is strong fragrant and sweet.

By Sam

Design your own cake =]

佢嫁比我,佢唔嫁比我,佢嫁比我,佢唔嫁比我... ( c )大人會唔捨得食,小孩則恨不得一口咬落去 ( c )

Such as birthday one like the fine things, immediately hyperlink to "Let them eat cake" page. Cupcakes here by a woman named Sheron Wong's design, finished an extremely beautiful, the United States was placed in the Harbour City exhibition, toys, animals and even gave her the whole forest with cupcakes cut out the really reckless sense. Can tailor your own cup cake, it really is followed by a delicious, cute cupcakes, dream cupcake. In the final analysis, do not forget the daily in the bakery, such as mosquitoes the size of five small cup cake, a one, is a happy one.

  • Let them eat cake (book it online)
  • By Jim jim
  • information: So Good; Yahoo

Nov 11, 2010


Hey! It’s Emma again. This week I would like to introduce a brand, which is called “Salad”. It is one of my favorite brands in Hong Kong and I always purchase clothes from there. It provides a range of feminine clothes and you can find the Top, Bottom, Outerwear and even accessories in the shop easily.

"Salad” aims to create a style that is dynamic and true to oneself. Just like the way that customers can mix and match their outfits in order to create their unique style. To me, I am really appreciated with this brand as the style of the clothes is very trendy. Therefore, I can easily mix and match the clothes to create my own style and become a stylish girl later on. So if you want to become a cool and modish lady, I strongly recommend you to visit “Salad” at least once and you will not be disappointed.

 In the following I also attached a fashion show video of Salad that demonstrates the latest 2010 Autumn/Winter collections. Just click it to watch and then you may know more about Salad!

For more details of Salad,
The address: Shop A373, New Town Plaza, Phase III, Shatin, N.T.


Nov 10, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Do you want to draw your love attention?! How would you impress him?!

I saw magazine last night and Marc by Marc Jacob’s watch impress me. It likes a lip kissing me, because the theme of Marc by Marc Jacobs Mademoiselle Danger collection is red lip. Marc by Marc Jacobs’s collection includes simple, elegant, sweet and playful watches.

The special one is “Mademoiselle Danger” in the sweet and playful collection feature shiny patent leather straps and digital time display is encased between lusciously red lips. When you watched it, the red big lip seem kissing you. However, I attracted by another one which is called “Rivera Lips” that has crystal lips embellish the dial of a playful bracelet watch encased in jet-black plating. I like white color apart from black, because the white energetic one is more suitable for me. Haha
I’m sure that if you wear those watches, u may leave an unforgettable kiss deep in your love’s heart.

3/F, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui -- LCX Xplus Accessories Zone

For more details:

By Cindy

Nov 8, 2010


Nowadays, there are more and more people like shopping online due to it is convenient, inexpensive and a number of types of product such as shoes, clothes and earrings etc. to match up with their own need. From the view of the owner, there are a lot of owners o build up their shopping market online because they can observe the market trends and would like to fulfill the customers' need. Through the computer network to attract many customers is effective, efficient and fast speed. Therefore, online shopping center is more and more popular in the whole society. Recently, the insole is very popular; because its functions are boost your height, message and maintenance heel. For example, people who need to stand long time such as the employee in hotel, female who join a ball and want to has a highly  height etc.    

                                                                                                                                           by yan

Nov 7, 2010

X' mas Collection @ shu uemura

Hey, it is Daisy again.! The weather become cool recently. This incidcated that the winter is coming as well as Christmas.

Christmas is my fovourite festival. I think most of the ladies love Christmas very much, because it is a romantic and plesant festival for both couples and friends gathering. Therefore, many girls dress up more beautiful or even with some make-up.

Today, I suggest the new X’ mas Collection from the brand- shu uemura. The whole set of collections are the limited edition for this christmas ONLY.!! It includes the high performance balancing cleansing oil, paint crayon, lip gloss, eye & cheek palette and blush tint.

Basically, to make you look charm before preparing the make-up, the cleansing oil is very important to moisturize and petal-soft skin.which have the advanced formula in it.

For the “reindeer kiss xxxx palette”, the colors of this palette evoke a frosty winter land covered in crystalline snow that sparkles in the light.

I think their blush tint of this collection is different from the others. It is easy to use that the design is smaller and with special designe on that.

The lip gloss is the one I like the most. Since there are different color of lip gloss, it matchs with the atmosphere of Christmas. They’re “love apricot”, “harmony pink” and “passion red”. These colourful products are used by the girls for christmas party, she will be the most beautiful ladies.

Lastly the paint crayon is the most important part for the make-up on eye. It is the new waterproof, long lasting eyeliners with three different cool colour, that are glitzy blue, magical pink and sparkly purple. For me, I will choose the sparkly purple, since i love purple very much.

Moreover, not only these special products, but also provide some of the X'mas promotion set, which can give your friends as a christmas gift.

If I learn more about the make-up, I must buy this collection to enjoy my Christmas party. =]

go to the website for more detail:

By Daisy