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Nov 7, 2010

X' mas Collection @ shu uemura

Hey, it is Daisy again.! The weather become cool recently. This incidcated that the winter is coming as well as Christmas.

Christmas is my fovourite festival. I think most of the ladies love Christmas very much, because it is a romantic and plesant festival for both couples and friends gathering. Therefore, many girls dress up more beautiful or even with some make-up.

Today, I suggest the new X’ mas Collection from the brand- shu uemura. The whole set of collections are the limited edition for this christmas ONLY.!! It includes the high performance balancing cleansing oil, paint crayon, lip gloss, eye & cheek palette and blush tint.

Basically, to make you look charm before preparing the make-up, the cleansing oil is very important to moisturize and petal-soft skin.which have the advanced formula in it.

For the “reindeer kiss xxxx palette”, the colors of this palette evoke a frosty winter land covered in crystalline snow that sparkles in the light.

I think their blush tint of this collection is different from the others. It is easy to use that the design is smaller and with special designe on that.

The lip gloss is the one I like the most. Since there are different color of lip gloss, it matchs with the atmosphere of Christmas. They’re “love apricot”, “harmony pink” and “passion red”. These colourful products are used by the girls for christmas party, she will be the most beautiful ladies.

Lastly the paint crayon is the most important part for the make-up on eye. It is the new waterproof, long lasting eyeliners with three different cool colour, that are glitzy blue, magical pink and sparkly purple. For me, I will choose the sparkly purple, since i love purple very much.

Moreover, not only these special products, but also provide some of the X'mas promotion set, which can give your friends as a christmas gift.

If I learn more about the make-up, I must buy this collection to enjoy my Christmas party. =]

go to the website for more detail:

By Daisy

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