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Nov 6, 2010

Laneige product-Water Sleeping Pack_EX

These days, I go to Laneige with my friends. She told me that she want to take a small gift from the shop because of birthday gift. I have told her that I need to buy a night cream which moistens my face. Then, she suggests me to buy Water Sleeping Pack_EX. It is a product for you to relax and upgrade your sleeping quality. Some users’ comments I found in the website in the following:
It proves that her suggestion is quite good and I believe her so that I buy it for myself.
According to the result, the benefits of using the product include:
  • Moisten your faces
  • Have fresh feeling
  • Upgrade sleeping quality
Most importantly, it is not an expensive item if we compare to other brands. And it is suitable for lazy girls who don’t want to use masks to use because she can also get the benefits of using masks.

By Sam

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