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Nov 13, 2010

Body Butter

One day, a coach come the clubhouse’ counter and said “the body butter is quite good, try to use it”. Of course, his speaking is powerful because he is a swimming coach. Undoubtedly, he always stays in the swimming pool so that having body lotion to moisturize his dry skin is very important to him especially in the winter and autumn. Each body butter box contains 200ml. The original price is about $149-199/per box. In promotion period now it just sells $199 for 3 boxes. After hearing this new promotion from my colleague as well, I went to the shop and brought 3boxes.

Olive Body Butter
This one is suitable for men. It is the most natural and the lightest cream.

Moringa Body Butter
I choose this one because it does not is a light cream, but also is fragrant.

Satsuma Body Butter
This type of butter is fruits, it is strong fragrant and sweet.

By Sam

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