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Nov 13, 2010

Design your own cake =]

佢嫁比我,佢唔嫁比我,佢嫁比我,佢唔嫁比我... ( c )大人會唔捨得食,小孩則恨不得一口咬落去 ( c )

Such as birthday one like the fine things, immediately hyperlink to "Let them eat cake" page. Cupcakes here by a woman named Sheron Wong's design, finished an extremely beautiful, the United States was placed in the Harbour City exhibition, toys, animals and even gave her the whole forest with cupcakes cut out the really reckless sense. Can tailor your own cup cake, it really is followed by a delicious, cute cupcakes, dream cupcake. In the final analysis, do not forget the daily in the bakery, such as mosquitoes the size of five small cup cake, a one, is a happy one.

  • Let them eat cake (book it online)
  • By Jim jim
  • information: So Good; Yahoo

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