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Oct 25, 2010


Have you guys purchase a shoes from the e-shop? If no, why don’t you try it, which is very convenience and I always do it. Today I would like to recommend “TOEESY”, which is a shoes e-shop to all of you ladies.

Toeesy is major catering for young age ladies in Hong Kong and provides many different types of shoes for people to choose. It includes flat shoes, flat sandals, jewel sandals, wedges, flip flop, boots and kids etc. In addition, ladies can also make your own design for the shoes by yourself. Therefore you can have your own unique shoes and no one will have the same one with you. After you select the shoes and place an order from Toeesy’s website, the shoes will be delivery within 7-10 working days. I think it is really convenience for me.

Recently I have also purchased a shoe from Toeesy. It charge for HKD$180 include the courier fee. Do you think it is pretty? For me, it is perfect enough. Hahaha…


By Emma

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