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Oct 26, 2010

Smart Eyebrows ;-)

BROWHAUS 於新加坡、倫敦、紐約、上海等共有21間分店,香港首間BROWHAUS已於中環正式開幕。    
1)BROWHAUS in Singapore, London, New York and Shanghai, a total of 21 outlets, Hong Kong's first BROWHAUS was officially opened in Central.

BROWHAUS 受Wallpaper、LUXE Guide等挑選為「國際旅遊人士必到的修眉熱點」。e
2)BROWHAUS by Wallpaper, LUXE Guide and other selected as "The eyebrows hot pot to International travelers."

Eyebrows is the face of the frame, a pair of neat eyebrows can make holiday more clearly pronounced. You have not found their preference for eyebrow shaping services? BROWHAUS described below may help you. BROWHAUS inspired by the German emphasis on aesthetic and practical design movement Bauhaus.

BROWHAUS registration technology Blueprint System, to learn the basic laws of symmetry, to set a specific set of eyebrows beauty of science. Modeled by Blueprint System technician applied to the eyebrows care, so that each eye brow is a masterpiece of carefully designed, as if construct buildings must not be lost. Under the registration technology, BROWHAUS carefully design a unique, practical Brow Construction eyebrow shaping services, the service includes pulling eyebrow (Tweeze) and line eyebrow (Thread) two techniques.

Modern Tweezing is to use tweezers to remove the Soke by the root, so that particularly clear lines of neat eyebrows. The Classic Threading hair removal is a traditional approach to smart use of soft line approach to facial hair removal, for finer and more dense hair, is a speedy and effective eyebrow shaping techniques.

Thread & Tweeze is a combination of pull and line eyebrow eyebrow and advantages of the technology, so customers can more quickly enjoy the best quality eyebrow shaping services, create the perfect eyebrow, and to achieve better and lasting effect. Another star treatment Browgraphy, put the perfect eyebrow with the best combination of colors with each other, with hundred percent vegetable dyes adjust the color of the eyebrows to meet different customers due to hair color or hair color change.

Address: 17 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, 1st Floor
Contact no: 2845 0886
Information from EllE

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