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Oct 24, 2010

F/W Trendy Sunglasses

This time, I would like to introduce this trendy sunglasses to all of you. You may feel strange that during this season. No matter what time it is, the sun “follows” us everyday together with the UV. Therefore, we need to protect our eyes with the trendy suunglasses.

There are different types of fashionable sunglasses that I share with all of you.  

Thick – frame sunglasses is one of the fashion for this season. I think this thick-frame sunglasses show others that have the cool style when wearing it. Most of its design have different style of patterns on its arms, such as putting some diamond or crystal on its arms.

Some of the brands design are simple design the are of sunglasses by putting their own logo on it, such as: No. 07 (Yves Saint Laurent) and 09 (Coach) on the picture A. However, if the companies have the strong development skill, they can design the unique characteristics or pattern to represent their image or brands.

Picture A
Picture B

For me, I prefer to have the special design or pattern sunglasses for my own. Moreoevr, I sugguest all girls to purchase the one matching with your own style. Even you can choose one to mix and match with the newly and fashionable clothes for this coming season!!!

By Daisy

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