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Oct 29, 2010


Hey guys, it’s Emma again! Today I would like to introduce a fashion brand to all of you. Can you guess what is it? Let me tell you, it is "BESS". Have you guys heard about it before? If you love natural wear, you must not miss this post. Haha…

"BESS" is a famous fashion brand that harmonizes elegancy and street style. It provides ladies with natural, comfy and exquisite wear. At the same time it is not only selling clothes, it also expanding its product lines from women’s wear to diversified garment accessories like hats, necklaces, bags and shoes etc. To me, I really love the decoration of the shop. When you go inside the shop, you can see the inside natural and classical style as well as the antique decoration. It totally enhances my shopping experience and I love it so much. Although the price of the clothes is little bit expensive, but I think it is easy to mix and match and I really admire its design.

If you are also interested about “BESS”, you can also go there.
The address: 137, Maritime Square, Tsing Yi

Hope you guys will love it!

By Emma

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