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Oct 30, 2010

Newly cosmestic shops in Seoul

Have you even been to Korea and have shopping there?
This time I would like to share with all ladies about the newly shoppinf area in Seoul, Korea.

Many cosmetic brands are very popular for the tourists to buy when visiting Korea. Many newly cosmestic shops opens in this March. They include Holika Holika, Etude House, Natural Tears, The Saem and The Face Shop.
All of them are selling cosmetic products and they conduct a survey about the feedback on different products.

        For Holika Holika, Natural Tears and The Saem, the products are very popular to the Korean girls. It is because they invite the famous star as their spokenperson or as their image of their cosmestic. That why most of the products becomes hot and attract people to buy its reputation rathan than its products. Hahah..

The Face Shop is one of these famous opened in Hong Kong. However, it had been closed and many people who like the products would visit Korea for its products. Its brand in Korea even sold out all the stock by the Japanese tourists.

On the other hand, Etude House attracts the major customers base from Japan. Japanese girls like this brand of comestic products very much. I think the price of their cosmestic products are reasonable and attracting me to take a look, when I visit Korea next time. It is worth to buy as a souvenir for friends and family.

By daisy

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