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Nov 2, 2010

David Beckham's choice

David and Victoria Beckham Intimately Yours($380/50ml)

Special gift for Men
David Beckham's right foot gold gold tone pitch Guanjue of course, but his real powerful, it is worth every man of learning, this is to clearly and fully use its value.
For example, with his wife set up their own brand of David and Victoria Beckham (dVb), also doing business in person signs into battle.

Men and women were introduced this season to fragrance Intimately Yours, simple gold and silver perfume bottles, straight as a nickname for his wife very ─ ─ Posh. ($ 380/50ml)

Top notes:
orange, lemon Middle
notes: sage, lavender, basil ice
tone: guaiac bean, sandalwood, vetiver

source: yahoo
by: Jim jim

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