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Oct 8, 2010


SHOPPING,,SHOPPING..and SHOPPING!! Every ladies like to go shopping. It’s time for all of you to have CHANGE and prepare for Fall 2010.

Girls, this season has four different style of trendy shoes that I want to share with you. They include the long boots, ankle boots, booties and Oxford shoes. All of them have their own style on their design and features.

Long Boots
        The cutting of Long Boots is just under the knee,which is the most popular among ladies because it can cover the lower legs. It makes the outlook seem more slender. This season, long boots mainly focus on the thick heel and wedge/platform base of the boots. However, you wear high heel shoes seldomly, is time to try it!

Ankle Boots
        This style boots may be difficult for everyone to carry, especially thoes squabbish legs, due to its cutting reaching the ankle. Therefore, I sugguest GIRLS wear slim style of trouses matching with the ankle boots. And the design of this boots focus on the wedge/platform (鬆糕底), peep – toe (露趾) and sharped toecap (尖鞋頭), etc.

Booties (中筒靴款)
        Booties mean the cutting beyond the middle of lower legs. For the booties of Fall/Winter, its design match with the shape of the feets. I don’t recommend those who are small and squabbish body to try, otherwise it looks the body sharp becomes wider.

Oxford Shoes
        The popularity of dandy style last year, rise the trend for the girls to wear the men’s shoes – Gentry shoes (紳士鞋). Since the first generation of gentry shoes is from Oxford University, England, therefore it’s called “Oxford Shoes”. Double color and wing-tips pattern are the traditional characteristic of gentry shoes. Different brands launch Oxford shoes and adopt the bright color leather to create the chic shoe style. No matter you’re slim or fat, is the suitable for ALL.

 By Daisy

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