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Oct 14, 2010

BIOCERA Nanotech Washing Ball

Our earth is getting sick now, environmental protection must become more important than before. BIOCERA Washing Ball is washing with clothes and no need to add any softener, laundry detergent or bleach, because it can clean and disinfect laundry clothing during wash cycle. That is called Chemical Free Laundry.

Save Water
Save Energy
Save Time
Save Money

My family bought 2 washing ball in Towngas, HKD$560 for 2. The price is very reasonable because washing ball can used up to 1000 times and lasts for 3 years (1 wash per day). Also, we can save the money since we no need to buy softener, washing powder or bleach. Washing Ball not only takes advantage of washing clothes, but also benefit for washing machine.

More details about washing ball:

By Cindy

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