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Nov 24, 2010

Love Bear, Love

Kids Helping Kids Sir Teddy ($240)
                    Kids Helping Kids Sir Teddy ($240)

Kids Helping Kids 節日賀卡 ($60,一套6款連信封) Kids Helping Kids 禮物賀卡 ($60,一套12款連信封)1.’Tis Noble To Give Viva Glam 愛心唇妝袋 ($350)2.
1.Kids Helping Kids greeting card ($ 60, a set of 6 with envelopes) 
   Kids Helping Kids gift cards ($ 60, a set of 12 with envelopes)
2.'Tis Noble To Give Viva Glam Love Lips Bag ($ 350)

Declining birth rate, has been spoiled by the Hong Kong children everywhere, as your parents, children in the family pet when there are not thought to share this love with others? As in the past, MAC will be held this year, "Kids Helping Kids Children's Mutual Aid Plan", the brand through the sale cards for children affected by HIV infection fund-raising. 

In addition, the brand is also the first time today a holiday bazaar Kids Helping Kids Sir Teddy, whose proceeds will be donated in full to the MAC AIDS Fund, and further spread the message of concern to AIDS. 

Release Date: December 1

By Jim
Information : ELLE

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