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Oct 5, 2010

Adidas bag

Special bag for couple
Bee.WEBZINE” reported that the popular items which attach with the Japanese magazines are more and more bored, there is no surprise although they are free of charge. However, the items which attach with the Hong Kong magazines have become increasingly outstanding. In former days, there were some Adidas products have already attached with the Hong Kong magazine《新Mondayto public for free, also, it was bade o n eBay and yahoo Auction etc. On the last Friday, 《新Mondaycooperated with Adidas again to provided the full-size and half-size bag. I like the blue one because it is so sharp and suitable for both male and female. On the morning of Friday was the issuing date, I went to purchase it at 8am in “Cycle K”, the salesperson told me that the bag was out of stock already due to there were a lot of students came to buy at 6am. I was very angry at that moment.  

                                                                                                                                        By Author Yan

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